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    Wednesday, November 01, 2006

    A stupid face recognition software... full of cb BS

    take care, god bless ya

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    Friday, June 24, 2005

    she loves me...

    I'm an idiot,
    But she loves me.

    I'm forgetful,
    But she loves me.

    I tell stupid jokes,
    But she loves me.

    I sing terribly,
    But she loves me.

    I ain't rich or smarter than her,
    Nor am I a good looking model,
    I don't have fashionable clothes or hairstyles,
    And I am only 5 foot 6.

    I can't do the lap/hand trick,
    Can't look long into her eyes,
    Can't make her neck stop growing longer,
    And I can't let her have some good sleep either.

    I can't bring her to Korea (yet),
    Can't boil herbal eggs (yet),
    Can't meet her parents (yet),
    And I can't stop bugging her to let me buy her meals.

    But you know what? She loves me...

    She is short,
    But I love her.

    She likes to play tricks,
    But I love her.

    She bites my injured collarbone,
    But i love her.

    She hits me multiple times,
    But i love her.

    She doesn't let me buy most of her meals,
    She claims I'm an idiot,
    She says she wants to be a model,
    And she is very ku wak.

    She calls me ben dan,
    Calls me short and fat as well,
    Won't let me tease her,
    And she keeps me awake all night.

    But you know what, I love her...

    take care, god bless ya

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    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    My love, my bb...

    this is dedicated to u, bb...

    it seemed so wierd but miraculous somehow. a year ago, we were not even talking to each other... not even looking at each other... i didn't know bout ur past. i didn't understand why u were acting like the way u did. i simply couldn't accept the fact that u were so cold towards me. and so i was cold towards u. but just like a new day comes, light shines and warms the earth.. no longer cold... felt the warmth.. a friend, i found a new friend in u. i wasn't sure what made me change my thoughts about u. i guess ur efforts in saying hi and bye to me brought my ego down.. they were replied with hi's and bye's of my own.. two simple and common words, but they grew in numbers quickly. u were surprised.. i was even more so. then it started with pork ribs. i love them, u love them too, i guess. yellow snow cap with a matching yellow shirt, and a skinny indian bearded guy in sight. herbal eggs... our fav! u fell sick. i was worried. concerned. couldn't help.. u didn't need my help. u had him....

    we survived the foundation year. time flies. u mentioned ur grades fell each sem, while mine went the opposite way. but i'm still proud of ur results. they were always better than mine. perhaps i am not good enough... not smart enough... not talented enough... i admired ur skills, ur talents, ur personality... i was trying to keep up. and i'm still chasing...

    holidays... no one was online. 'cept u. we kept each other company. telling each other things that we won't normally tell. not need to mention a year ago. u told me to stop tellin u more about myself (for a reason that should be kept secret between us only)... but i never did stop... u never did too...

    video games are nice. MMORPGs are even better. Y!PP was always the first program that i double click on my desktop. found out bout the game in ur blog. wanted to see u online... going for pillages and swordfights.. Grog really rulez.. even learned new pirate vocabs like scupper u! and billions of blistering blue barnacles! spent hours and days with u.. as if that's not enough, we had to top it all off with YM and MSN huh? haha. we were both blind. for one whole year. ok, i was stupid too...

    too fast? no, it was just perfect timing. we couldn't have been together any sooner
    or later. my heart beats faster everytime u r near. i kept thinking of u, dreaming of u... wanted to hold u, to take care of u. wanted u to hold me, to pamper me with ur love. i really suffered a lot... i think u were suffering too.. restraining ourselves. being patient. being realistic. u told ur friend. i told my friend. they both gave the same advice....still we suffered...

    i got drunk. kena dui lam kao kao... but i guess it was some sort of a blessing in disguise too haha.. if not i might have not blurted out those words... but what i said was true... when u're drunk most things u say are straight from the mind, from the heart. clean and clear, no lies. but at the same time, u might not remember what u said as well. not that i couldn't guess what i said. u couldn't stop laughing. i couldn't stop wondering. when i finally did guess what i said correctly, everything was like magic. everything happened like they were supposed to be. it was beautiful. not fast. beautiful.

    and now i have u. u have me. i miss u so much that everytime we say goodbye, i want to just pull u back to my side... i'm so crazily in love with u, u've become my addiction. i love u bb... and i always will...

    *with many hugz and kisses*

    take care, god bless ya

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    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    long awaited update, huh?!

    Many things has happened since 10 March 2005, the date of the last entry was posted. things that would have made it into this blog earlier. i'm actually under pressure from a few friends in MMU that asked me to update my blog. I've been really busy towards the end of this third semester of my alpha year, but the main reason why i hadn't been updating my blog is because of an accident that happened to me while i was playing rugby in the evening of the 17th of March 2005. I tackled this lad, landed on my side and that guy dropped right on top of my shoulder. That's guy's body weight broke my right collar bone. Yup, it broke into two. I felt the stinging pain straight away as it cracked. the pain was agonizing. i couldn't feel my right arm for a moment....slowly but surely i could move my fingers, but dared not move until help arrived. There i lay in the middle of the field for a few seconds b4 play was stopped and the referee asked for assistance. i couldn't see how bad my collar bone broke, but i could still move my left hand and touch the area where i felt and heard the 'CRACK'. ooo boy... there was a lump right in the middle of the broke into two and one part was sticking out almost protruding the skin. immense pain and numbness... in a short while, players and onlookers surrounded me... they were saying things like, "oh shit" "this is bad" "it's broken, it's broken" "oh my god" "he needs to go to the hospital" "call someone to send him to the hospital!".... how was i feeling that time? I was thinking, "shut up and give me some air, damnit!" Seriously, i couldn't move my body...every move hurts. Pakio used lesly's t-shirt and an FCM team jersy to make a sling to hold my arm near to my chest. then a few strong guys lifted me up onto my two feet. literally. slowly i limped back to the carpark and lesly drove me to the putrajaya hospital with zeek accompanying. he was driving my car. now, u would have expected a hospital in the nation's capital to be really good and professional. however, that was not the case. i waited so long while the doctors were laughing and joking around. Fools. and to make matters worse, i was shivering like mad. mind you, i was wearing rugby shorts and my shirt was drench with sweat. the shivering also adds to the pain that i'm already suffering from. damn. after waiting for nearly an hour, i was told to FOLLOW the nurse to the X-ray room. no wheelchair, alright. I had to walk!!! what type of hospital is this?!! and that person who took my X-ray, i swear if i see him again, i will break his collar bone and push him towards the X-ray board and see if he yells in pain or not. that bastard, wanker! damn rude and rough. no sense of hospitality at all! well after the X-Ray, i had to wait for another 30 minutes and then the doctor came, told me to go home and rest. WTF??!!!!!! HELLO??!! I GOT A BROKEN BONE AND SUFFERING REALLY BAD RIGHT HERE!!! "There's nothing we can do right now. we can only give u some painkillers. come back in April and go see the bone specialist next door. For now, just go home and rest." Man that evening, i felt really miserable...can't do anything on my own. everything had to rely on my parents...the next day, my dad took me to Taman Desa Medical Center (TMDC) to see a specialist. yeah the doctor came in late coz of the traffic jam but still, he was a really nice and funny guy. good sense of humour. he could still crack some jokes bout playing rugby and breaking bones and playing more rugby and breaking more bones. well since putrajaya hospital never gave their patients their Xrays back, i had to Xray my collar bone once again and this time, that guy was so gentle and patient. he didn't push me around and waited for me to feel comfortable b4 taking the shot. asked if i feel alright and how did i break my bone. even wished me to get well soon! unlike that bastard in putrajaya. damn him i'm still infuriated. God have mercy on his soul when i see him again. So the doctor explained what the Xray said, and that i needed an operation. "tomorrow! at 8 in the morning! come at 7!" so the next day, we went there early and i got injected with anesthetics and i dozed off. Next thing i know, i opened my eyes, and i saw an angel in front of me. thanks for coming :) and you too... so the operation was about inserting a metal plate, screwing it in to keep my bone in place. now it is no more protruding out anymore. felt really weak and tired after the op. but there was not much pain anymore. felt really numb. was released by the hospital on the same day. had a sling to keep my arm in place and to prevent unnecessary movement. I'm really glad i went to TMDC. cannot rely on Putrajaya hospital! A lot of things were going through my mind after the operation. asssignments were the first thing that bugged me. How in the world am i gonna finish my DF and CG and English media base project and MLE too??!! And then there was this futsal tournament that my team and i was supposed to play on sunday the 20th of March. cancelled. then what about my rugby career? is it finished? how long will i stay like this? when can i drive again? how many things that i can't do now that i can't move my right hand? Can i go Genting with my MMU frens in two weeks time? And you, how am i going to face you? this is one hell of an experience. and despite the fact that i've known my close hometown friends for nearly a decade now, not one of them has come to visit me, even until today, the 10th of April, almost a month after my accident. some friends they are. this goes to show that true friendship is really so hard to find. the stone cold truth is, when you are healthy and rich and famous, you will have a lot of friends. when you are sick and poor and useless, no one cares bout u, no matter what you have done for them in the past. only true friends stay by your side. i dun really mind though, i can't force them to come visit me anyway...i'm just a bit dissapointed. so i would like to stress here, choose your friends wisely. alright, let's put that saga behind, i'm well on my way to recovery. doc says it takes bout 6 months to a year b4 i can go for another op to remove the metal plate. then have to wait for another few months b4 i can be active in sports again. today, i can write, type and brush my teeth with my right hand again. another reason why my blog has been so quite, it's because i couldn't type properly with only my left hand. really slow and too many errors. so i got fed up and screwed it all. Moving on, i would like to put down a few notes regarding the making of my first ever short movie. ironically, it wasn't for any creative multimedia project but for a pitiful English media based project. Nevertheless, i enjoyed every bit of the making of process. despite my broken collar bone, my group (consisting of lesly, dennis, ivan, and calvin) managed to shoot a short movie entitiled 'The Teacher' based on the short story written by some kiasu singaporean (i forgot her name, and i just assume all singaporeans are kiasu...even i'm kiasu so what the heck). Gave it a twist and a whodunit plot. designed to shock the audience and make them think. or laugh, according to some of our classmates...u should see the way the psychotic mad hatter laughs upon viewing our video. really tough work.. first we had to discuss bout the story, the scenes, draw the storyboards, write out the screenplay, camera angles and stuff like that. filming days were the week b4 submission, really late due to my injury. had to go location hunting for our shooting scenes. thanks along, daina and murtada for your warm welcome and patience with us. thanks also to auds (for food and place), chee yong and celine (extras). after shooting is done, then comes the hardest and most time consuming part. editing! but we were slowed down by some technical difficulties. video capture card couldn't be installed, even lesly's hard drive couldn't be detected at one point (hahahaha remember that, lesly?). had to bring my PC from home to get on with the editing. spent whole day and night editing....cropping here and there mixing and matching, adding effects and sound/music...urgh...really taxing. but i guess this is what i love to do and WANT to do when i graduate. Film making. yeah baby. nothing excites me more than showing your film to an audience and have them critics, both good and bad, too improve myself. sadly though, we couldn't show it to the class on presentation day. oh well. nvm. i really strugged with DF... found it impossible to write with my left hand, let alone to draw. could've asked for extension but my lecturers are cold blooded. especially halim. so i thought, i will show him i can finish it even without extension. and i did. thanks calvin for helping me out with the inking process. everything else, i did it on my own. from sketching right up to pasting my name and ID on the illustration board. passed it up on time too. lesly and tan passed up a day later. according to lesly, he couldn't do his work if he doesn't have the mood to do so. and better to hand in quality work than to pass up crap. aiii.... nightmares are still not finished yet. still have MLE and CG. i'm really sorry to Tan and Lesly for not contributing much to MLE. the presentation part and also the end product part was fantastic though. kuddos. we did this parody of Jurrasic Park. took the original poster, modified the T-rex into a mountain biker and made a poster advertising some Exreme Mountain Biking Competition. as for CG, we all were really in a rush....we were one week late for submission. can only do this if your tutor is En. Kamarulzaman.... because of time constraint and the hours counting down for the Genting trip, i had to stay up the night b4 and do a really crappy flash animation to be handed in the next day. and i also had to finish up the english written repot and essay too. man..... passed every thing to lesly for submission as he was not following us to Genting. packed my luggage and my laptop, and off we go to Genting! it was a really long awaited break...first thought up by me when i told the guys, hey let's go for a trip at the end of this semester, i'm dying to ride on rollercoasters and free-falling platforms! two weeks ago, it seemed that this dream is broken just like my collar bone. somehow, i didn't care bout the bone as i REALLY REALLY needed to let go the stress! and it turned out fine! 'cept for my heavy laptop, the rides didn't pose a threat to my collar bone at all. basically, it was a 2 day 1 night trip. Friday and saturday (1st and 2nd april 2005). we took off from campus at about 9.30 and waited for the KTM. then we reached KL Central. ate breakfast at McD and hearing them play Chinese New Year song....wah lau eh, it's been more than a month since CNY has passed and they're still playing CNY song?!! after that, bought bus and cable car tix, hopped in the bus at 11am and dozed off. didn't sleep last night, remember? reached the cable car at 12 noon sharp. bus driver took exactly 60 minutes, as celine's new found uncle friend pointed out hahahahaha. cable car ride was 20 minutes, saw some stupid looking artifacts too. had no idea why the girls scream whenever the cable car takes off... anyway we walked a long way to our hotel, the First World (more like War Torn Third World to me) to check in. the room was really small...not what everyone expected... but auds did a good job at 'renovating' the room. oh and the phone wasn't working. put down our luggage and time to play! first ride was some cradle thingy with long chains that swing u outwards in mid air...ahhh...the cool air...then second was the cyclone. scream scream yeah yeah... then audrey wanted to sit that jumbo elephant thingy haha coz not that scary looking...after that was the water log. splash splash! one of my favourites. One ride that i really enjoyed was the Flying Coaster or better known as Superman as we called it. coz the ride is really u being superman. had to pay 10 bucks though. was worth it. Audrey the chicken heart was also persuaded to ride it! WOW! the only thing that was a big turn off was it started raining just as we wanted to ride the Corkscrew. The Solero Spaceshot was also closed for monthly maintenance. aii a bit dissapointed.... and that stupid spaceship emulator...the only enjoying moment was seeing Harith Iskandar's face at the end of the crappy video. late late lunch at Burger King's. the went for this indoor coaster ride... not really thrilling, just a lot of sudden turns... not forgetting the bumper car! everybody gang up to bang Dennis haha. a few more rounds of the indoor coaster thingy....think they went up 4 times...crazy wan. then we went and bought tickets for House of Fury later in the night at 11.15pm. went back to room and bathed then slept like a baby. woke up at 10, wanted to go to sushi king for dinner but discovered it was closed. in fact, most shops close at 10. had to settle for kenny rogers. went for the movie after dinner. i tell u, House of Fury is a must watch for kung fu flick fans. and Anthony Wong fans too! superb actor, no doubt about it. see, these are the sort of films that i hope to someday make. it's a really big ambition...but i'm gonna work hard on it. after the entertaining show, we went back to the room, watch my video 'The Teacher' that had mad hatter laughing like crazy, then went to sleep. everybody too tired. woke up the next day early. i was the first to rise. went down and bought some chicken wings to eat. then went for a short walk to enjoy the cool breeze of the morning air. really nice. went back up the room and bathed, read some newspaper and watched some documentary bout egypt, kings and their tombs before checking out and having lunch in Sushi King b4 leaving genting via the cable car and bus. the funny part was coming back to MMU in audrey's car, 7 people crampped into that small satria. wooo.... i had the priveledge to take the front passenger's seat because of my broken bone. :D for more info on the trip, visit audrey, charel and celine's blogs. list of frens who went: Dennis, Ivan, Audrey, Celine, Charel, and Shien Sim. when we reached campus, reality starts sinking's time to STUDY!!!! in two day's time, the final exams will start. finals of our first year. if we pass this, we're going to Beta year! first up on monday was english paper. fairly easy. then on tuesday was CG. let me tell u that the text books that we are supposed to study tells us that the largest hard disk space is 14.4GB and Pentium II was the high end processor. and it's practically family photo album, even the family cat's in the books! many of the chapters are re-written in all three of the books. aiii... wasted so much money... anywapartly screwed for the fill in the blanks part. On friday was Maths. seriously screwed. I've never felt so helpless in maths b4. all hopes lost man. but i will still pass anyway. just hope for an A. last paper will be next week. MLE. hmmm if u look at the pattern of difficulty level, it increases after every paper... does this mean that MLE paper will be a cracker?! hope not...pls pls pls let me end my alpha year with a bang! After MLE paper, on Sunday evening the 19th of April will be the Annual T@MU Club Dinner. Lesly and I will be performing a few skits so i will have to divide my time between studies and practice. so, i guess this ends my rants. really looking forward to the holidays. I took a really long time typing this post out.... one of the longest posts that i've ever typed. I thought i had to give ya'll a hell lot to read to make up for the long wait. well here you have it, you want an update, now you've got it!

    take care, god bless ya

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    Thursday, March 10, 2005

    injuries, illness, and assignments...

    it's been a while since i updated my blog. haven't really had the time and energy to do so. just too drained out with assignments. furthurmore, i was down with fever, flu and cough for the past few weeks. most recently, yesterday i was playing rugby and i got tackled and i feel down to the ground HARD. twisted my hip in the process, ouch! bruised all over. could barely walk. injuries are normal in this game. oh well... just hope i will recover in time for the futsal tourney on the 20th of march. hey bunny, get well soon!!!

    take care, god bless ya

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    Wednesday, February 16, 2005

    stopet numerology reading...yeah lesly i wish i was this guy too...

    Here Is Your Free Numerology Reading!

    First, you as a person; the unique individual that you are. This is derived from what you typed in the "Name" area. It includes your inner urges and desires, and how you present yourself to others.

    Your Inner or Soul's Urge: This is spiritual and emotional expression more than physical. It is your heart-felt desires, your incentive, how you look at life. Here are your areas of personal satisfaction. For Name: Chen Chuck Wye
    (Note: For best results, use the exact spelling as first recorded at birth.)

    You desire harmony, love, companionship, and peace with people; and you enjoy ease and comfort. You have great inner strength. You prefer kindness and thoughtfulness to the alternatives. As a dreamer and visionary, you desire others to know the necessity of living true to ideals.
    Many people call themselves your friend. You are a natural peacemaker and diplomat.
    You are often studious, attract many things to yourself, accumulate much wisdom. Spiritual and psychic sensitivity are available to you simply by your recognition of them. As such, you have the capacity to develop clairvoyant or other psychic abilities.
    You try to reveal the beauties you have seen and known. You enjoy study and accumulating wisdom, especially with a background of music. You are capable of remarkable inventions.
    Daily meditation may enhance your already considerable spiritual and psychic sensitivity, and this can allow you to cultivate more human understanding.

    Your Personality: This is physical expression more than spiritual or emotional; your outer self, the way you express when meeting others. It may or may not be the real you. You present yourself as a special individual, imbued with self-reliance, originality, and strong will power. You often appear witty and dignified, and enjoy being around other go-getters. With a definite goal, you can be enormously productive.
    You are prone to self-centeredness and want to be first in all things.
    Yours is a likeable personality and can be very persuasive. To enhance this aspect of yourself, wear clothing with straight lines, well-fitted but loose, with bright and cheerful colors. If possible, do not be overweight.

    Your Quiescent Self: Stripping away all outside influences, aspirations, ambitions, "shoulds", and "shouldn'ts" — this is you when you are alone; just you and your dreams. You are courageous and daring. You enjoy dreaming of accomplishments never before achieved, with yourself as leader or promoter.
    Your thoughts and pleasure are related to leadership and expression of your unique self. Also, family and friends are a credit to you, and people recognize your abilities.

    Your Destiny or Ultimate Goal: This is your desired lifetime accomplishment. It is a key to a useful and happy life, and to feeling fulfillment during your latter days. Your destiny lies in areas of creativity and its use to help people find inspiration and joy in living. As you express your artistic talents, your beauty, and an optimum mix of sincerity and joy, you come closer and closer to fulfilling your destiny -- which also includes popularity, personal happiness, romantic love, and money.
    You have integrity and are kind, patient, cheerful, artistic, creative, and a constant source of pleasure. And use your inspiration and imagination to spread your happiness by direct people contact and by writing, speaking, music, painting, decorating, or acting.
    You are a social person and enjoy entertaining and being entertained -- talkative and usually well dressed.
    Second, the path you are traveling in this life. It is derived from what you typed in the "Birth Date" area. Here is where you find the type of events that tend to effect you as a person.

    Your Life's Path: Here are clues to what fate has in store for you. It indicates the type of encounters, events, and opportunities you are likely to experience along your physical life path. For Birth Date: May 4, 1986

    You are a humanitarian and idealist, with a path of serving mankind, doing worthwhile things for yourself and those close to you, and teaching by being an example of kindness, justice, truth, and responsibility. One of your challenges along your life path is to establish emotional balance and stability.
    Your path is one of rendering service to those in need. Your strong sense of family is extended to the community, the state, and even the world. Learn to recognize when the demands of others are an effort to take advantage of your generosity rather than a true need. Finding tranquility in your home may be hard work for you, but once achieved the result can be tasteful surroundings and harmonious social and familial intercourse.
    You can succeed at anything when the purpose is helping and serving others. You have a strong idealism and are at your best when you directly benefit the lives of others.

    This Year's Path: Here is what you are likely to encounter this year — your feelings, your predominant perspective, and the type of situations, circumstances, and opportunities you tend to attract during the calendar year. For Year: 2005

    This is your year for personal reflection and perfection, a year of introspection. You feel like analyzing everything you have been and are doing. You think about beauty, love, perfection, and what life is all about.
    You spend a good deal of time alone, getting acquainted with yourself and your new inner power. This year you gain a better understanding of your emotions and your spiritual nature. Take time out to rest, study, read, and travel, and to look at life from a different angle. Find outlets for personal creative expression.
    If you have psychic, spiritual, new age, or mystic interests, this is the year to pursue those studies.
    Quality is your standard.

    Next Year's Path: For Year: 2006

    This is your year of achievement, your year to make great strides in business, employment, promotions, monetary compensation, and/or the accumulation of possessions. It is your harvest time.
    You feel ambition stirring, a desire to better your financial condition. To accomplish this, it is necessary to be businesslike, efficient, and practical all year.
    Many opportunities present themselves. To gain your rewards, move forward in a businesslike manner and with sustained effort. Your state of mind, mental capacity, education, experience, and self-confidence are all part of your success and financial advancement.
    You feel desire to make a special effort to improve or bring to a successful conclusion some of the ideas and dreams of the past years.
    This is a year of action. Place your abilities on the market with a sense of self-confidence and authority.

    And there is more: Much more! The above is a basic numerology reading. But there are many more aspects that haven't been covered. Examples: lucky numbers, power number, the essences, challenges, pinnacles.
    And there are other meta-physical sciences as well, which have helped people.
    Your journey may have only just begun.

    take care, god bless ya

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    Monday, February 14, 2005

    the best day in my life.....

    Saturday, 12th february. won't forget this day. the sweetest day in my life. no need to elaborate... haha. renewed my love for fresh oysters. they rock! yeah baby! and that sizzling steak! oooh haven't tasted that for months aledi...but there was one thing that i regret i didn't do. foolish me...didn't ask..oh well, i'm glad you enjoyed the evening!

    Sunday, 13th february. went church in the afternoon as usual. learned about two types of christian. one, a pessimist (solomon). two, an optimist (apostle paul, job). evening played football...twisted that same ankle again! carried on playing, ignoring the pain. scored two goals in the process...suffer after the game. still thinking bout last night...back in mmu at night!

    Monday, 14th february. St. Valentine's day. hmmm...just like any other normal's back to class and work. no more enjoy enjoy. haha. still thinking bout saturday night. very happy, just have one regret. foolish foolish me....

    take care, god bless ya

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