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    Thursday, September 30, 2004

    tiring if other days are not tiring...

    wah today sohai man....slept at 6 in the morning, wake up at 8, then go to class, i was preparing my stuff for more colours...but it turned out that i was the only idiot to have completed the colour wheel....seems like the sleep-at-6 thingy was worth it...i had nothing to do basically...just go around kacau lesly's group...even spilt neesa's water paint all over the floor (dumbass). after that went for this cg class with a really (sorry for this) lame lecturer....can't hear what she was talking about...had to rely on website notes and ivan for help. then after that class went to putrajaya to lah...seriously, me, ivan, dennis, lesly, ka weng and wei heng went to putrajaya to cheat young lah...seriously, we went there to take some pics for our CG assignment...TWH had a really nice digicam....KKW had an old first gen digicam...nevertheless, still better than the goldfish who wrote this post for he has no digicam at the moment. by that time it was almost five, and i still haven't got any sleep...and i had to drive and yawn all the way. car also got problem, according to ivan it's the gearbox...anyway we took some really nice pics (some only...not all for we ain't no pro photographers) and some really hilarious/cool ones...i had the idea of doing those silly shots from an email forwarded to me from my roomate in hostel...then we had nice sunset pics too b4 dinner. i, being a superb driver (bluek) took TWH round and round for no reason...ok lah i admit i missed some turnings...anyway i came back to hostel at 8 and then bath and slept till 12 midnight to watch Latte @ 8 hosted by jason lo every wed and thurs on 8TV....what is this? some sort of advertisement?? anyway i just wanna say i enjoy the show a lot and i must really recommend it to locals who love to watch talk shows....nothing like that letterman (i didn't mention his first name, coz u know who i am) or huge-chin jay leno guy...anyway i'm getting sleepy **** off guys goodnight!

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