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    Friday, October 22, 2004

    The Great MMU Story

    Maran wrote:
    I woke up sweating, and my eyes automatically strayed towards the digital electric powered clock on my reading table.

    The brightly lit LCD digits showed 00:00:01.

    This is the 5th day I’ve been having the same dream again, and the 5th time I got up at exactly one second past midnight – looking at the digital clock and wondering what that dream was all about.

    I read somewhere that most people can’t really remember their dream after waking up, no wonder how vivid it might have been. I don’t seem to be having that problem at all as I can remember exactly what I dreamed about.

    First I was riding on the back of a strong white horse, towards a huge castle. On the sky, I saw two white dragons following me. I remember thinking of wheather the dragons are chasing me, or are they flying above to watch over me. Then without realizing it, I am already at the castle’s gate. The castle itself was monstrously big, dark and gloomy that an air of doom hung above it. Something tells me that I have to go in, but something else tells me that I should turn back and face the dragons.

    That was when suddenly I saw this huge serpent coming out of the castle, poised as if it wants to attack me. I could see its menacing eyes of one which was blue while the other was red. I could see my own reflection on these eyes, and that was the weirdest thing of all.

    On its blue eye, I see myself sitting on the horse, looking valiant, fearless and saw a trace of a crown on my head although it’s not so clearly defined. On the other eye which was red, I see myself riding a black horse instead. When I looked closely, I noticed that my face does not resemble a human at all…but something so monstrous and scary!

    It’s at this point that I always wake up, and here I am wondering the same thing for the 5th time. What is going on? What should I do? What does these dreams means? Suddenly from the corner of my eyes I saw lightning flash by through my window, and a loud thunder followed…

    Miss zaiha wrote:
    ... looking beyond the great thunder, I absent-mindedly touched my forehead. Good gracious - I thought - I hope I'm not turning into a Harry Potter.

    LEN_sure win wrote:
    Thank god...i am not Harry Potter.But something seems odd here.Why the same dream every night ??? Is there any hidden messages that is asking me to seek the truth ? Or is it that i have been reading too many Harry Potter books ? So many questions...but nothing seems to lead to an answer....Yet somehow....they seem like they interwined...Like as though they are connected to each other...But how ? Argh...i can't bother about all this now...i need to have my sleep. If not, i won't be able to wake up in time for classes again tomorrow. I don't want to be barred from exams!!!

    LEN_hidayahhanani wrote:
    But before I went to sleep I decided to go to the bathroom instead but stopped when I saw a shadow moving at the corridor. Instead of going to the toilet, I went to follow the shadow. The corridor was pitch dark and I can only see a small black figure of the shadow. The faster my step is chasing the shadow, the faster it ran away from me. Just when I was about to reach it, I saw something weird, something absurd, something that is so out of this world. The shadow starts to flap its wing and flew up just as soon my hand reach its back.

    All of a sudden, the whole corridor is filled with light and the source of the light is not from the lamp. It is from a wand! The shadow is a little girl, with a pointy ears hovering above me, holding a wand. She looks like... a fairy? I just cannot believe what I am seeing right now. The girl has a pale white skin, she is very pretty but yet she has a very sad looking face.

    "Hero. Finally, we have met. Forgive me if I have frightened you earlier. But I don't seem to have the guts to see you, hero." The little fairy spoke to me as if she has been watching me for such a long time.

    "It is time, hero. Time cannot be wasted. Fairies and angels's life is at stake. You have to come with me, hero."

    "Hero? Who are you calling hero? Me? You must have got the wrong person here little fairy. Who are you? No it's actually... what are YOU?"

    "I am not making a mistake. It is already written in the White Angel Book thousands of years ago that you are going to save us, fairies and angels from The Land of Purity. I am Little Angelus Raphael, daughter of Fairies and angels leader from The Land of Purity, Sir Angelio Rapahael. I have come to bring you to The Land of Purity to save our land!"

    "I absolutely cannot go with you. No way! Where is this Pure Land anyway? I have to go to school tomorrow morning. I've got examinations going on. Besides, I've got plenty of things to do. People will be looking for me if I am gone. You have got the wrong person! Oh God, I must've been dreaming again! I better go back to bed so I can woke up and have this all gone by tomorrow morning."

    "Wait hero. You cannot go! You are not dreaming. It is written in the White Angel Book...."

    "Thousands of years ago! Yes, yes I know! You've said that before. Look Little Angelus, you have absolutely got the wrong guy! I'm a serious smoker. I'm the most wanted black listed student in school. You ought to look for someone who's heart is pure, with no sins just like you! Not a maniac like me!"
    Maran wrote:
    "Thousands of years ago! Yes, yes I know! You've said that before. Look Little Angelus, you have absolutely got the wrong guy! I'm a serious smoker. I'm also the most wanted, black listed student in school. You ought to look for someone whose heart is pure, with no sins just like you! Not a maniac like me!"

    "But wait! You have to listen" whined the Little Angelus, almost in tears.

    I did not wait any longer, instead I just turned around and walked away thinking that I seriously need to go and see a doctor in the morning. Not only am I not sleeping right, but I am hallucinating! I half expected the Little Angelus to fly around and stop me, but it didn't.

    I walked slowly towards my room, keeping my eyes widely open just in case I fall asleep while walking and start dreaming again. All this years, I have never thought that I would be the one to sleep walk. My grandmother had that sickness, but I guess it is hereditary after all. Some oddity skip a generation I've heard, and obviously this one has been passed on to me.

    When I reached the door of my room, I slightly pinched myself to make sure I am awake. Sure enough, I could feel my pinch vividly. In fact, I think I pinched myself a bit too hard that I actually flinched in pain. Sighing, I opened the door. I took a step forward into the room when suddenly there was a flare of bright light, as if someone had just used a camera to snap my picture. My hand shot up to cover my eyes, and when I took it down to look again, I found myself staring up, face to face with a creature I can only define as a centaur, in the middle of a green, bright jungle!

    LEN_sure win wrote:
    "Oh my god!!!" I yelled. I began to run. All that i can think of now is to save my own life. I don't know where i am now neither i have the time to think about that. This is just a nightmare. I am just dreaming. Suddenly i stopped running. I cannot move my legs. It is like as though it is stuck fast on the ground. Oh my god, what am i suppose to do ??? Just as i was thinking of a way to save myself, the little fairy appeared again. She waved her tiny wand and i felt like as though i was floating in the air. Wings !!!! I have wings!!!!! Can this be true ???? As i was wondering what happen, she pulled my hand and took me flying across the blue blue sky. I turned my head back and saw the centaur was stamping it's feet. it look so small now,compare to what i saw just now. Wait....where am i now ??? "Hey...where are we now ???? " I want to go home. The one you are looking for is not me. You've got the wrong guy! Send me home now!!"

    LEN_hidayahhanani wrote:
    Wait....where am i now ??? "Hey...where are we now ???? " I want to go home. The one you are looking for is not me. You've got the wrong guy! Send me home now!!"

    “Sorry I can’t do that, hero. You have to come with me. You have to see this! You have to help us… please”
    “Just tell me where in the world are we??”
    “We’re not in your world anymore, hero. We are about to enter, The Land of Purity. The Land of angels and fairies” As she said that, at the east I saw the sun rising. It does not look like our typical sun, it is more, beautiful. It lights up the whole land.
    “Look, hero” Little Angelus pointed ahead as I turned my head around, I just could not believe my eyes. I have never seen a land that looks so pure and so beautiful.
    “Where is this Purity Land? Am I in heaven right now?”
    “No. Absolutely, not. One must die and be judged by their good deeds before they can enter heaven. This is a place where angels and fairies can see. No human in this world can see it unless we show it to them. Hero, Welcome to the Land of Purity!”

    As we flew overhead, I saw something that is so out of my world. Waterfall, where its water is made out of milk. Rainbow is made so you can walk on it. Mushrooms and flowers and fruits, were made as their house. I was enjoying the view when I stopped dead for I saw at one point; almost half of the Land is destroyed far ahead. The part where I am flying right now is white and bright while the other half is dark and totally destroyed. I gasped as I saw two dragons flying overhead the destroyed part of the land. The exact same dragon that I saw flying over me in my dreams!

    “What’s the matter, hero?” Little Angelus stopped when she saw me gasped.
    “Those dragons! What are they doing here!?”
    “They looking over if the city is fully destroyed and they’re looking for some of escaped fairies and angels”
    “But we’re invisible now. I cast a spell on both of us. Do not fret, hero.”
    “But… I saw those dragons in my dreams. This couldn’t be it! This must be that dream again! Oh no!"

    Maran wrote:
    “But… I saw those dragons in my dreams. This couldn’t be it! This must be that dream again! Oh no!"

    Suddenly there was a flash of lightning, followed by a loud crack of thunder. There was a look of horror on Little Angelus's face.

    "Oh no!" she cried.

    "Oh no? I don't like 'Oh No'...why did you say 'Oh No'?"

    "The lightning has tampered with my invisibility spell. We will be seen by those dragons!" said Little Angelus, trembling with fear.

    "Well do something! Get us out of here!" I shouted. Little Angelus nodded and started to fly faster, this time heading down and pulling me along. After a while I can actually see a huge castle, and that was when I felt something was wrong. It was the same castle from my dream of course, and Little Angelus is obviously taking me straight into it. Somehow, my instincts told me that I should not enter the castle. Just like in my dreams, there was that feeling of doom and dread surrounding the monstrously huge construction.

    "Angelus...whose castle is that?" I asked. From the corner of my eyes I saw the dragons again and to my horror, they were heading straight towards us and they were flying really fast!

    "Hurry Hero....we must take refuge inside that castle. The white dragons have seen us. If they catch us, we're doomed! This land and everything we cherish will be doomed as well. The fate of this entire kingdom is in your hands...hurry!"

    I turned back and took a good look at the dragons. At the rate we were flying the dragons are bound to catch up with us any second now.

    That was when I heard a cry.

    It was an agonizing cry, so heart wrenching and it was very loud. It was the cry of a mother who has lost a child, the heartbroken cry of someone that has lost a lover forever...the cry of an innocent child who has lost his beloved toy, all combined into one. When I turned to look, I realized that the cry was coming from the dragons!

    Nothing evil will ever be capable of producing that kind of agony! It was as if the dragons were warning me...but of what? What is going on here?

    LEN_Sure win wrote:
    I am so confused.Why? Why did the dragons seem so evil but yet so gentle and kind? Are they good guys or the bad guys?Why my life is so complicated? First i am a terrible person in real i am so called hero in this land...and now...evil dragons seems to be kind....God...tell me...what have i done wrong? Why is this happening to me ??? "Hero, are you fine? " We have reach the castle. Now let us hurry and seek refuge in it. We must not let the dragons follow us any longer." Little Angelus is turning from white to pink. I can see that she's running out of breath.

    I heard the dragon's voice again. This time even louder.Even sadder.I wriggled my hands out from Little Angelus tiny hands and flew straight to the dragons."Hero! Don't go!" shouted Little Angelus.But i didn't bother. Then the dragons are in front of me now. So big...yet they look so gentle. My last fear about those dragons dissappear immediately."You,The Chosen One,please save The Land of Purity. You must do it no matter what it takes. If not, the evil sorcerer, Rasmusty Night will take over The Land of Purity and your world also. us..." Tears were flowing down the cheeks of the dragons.

    Hzng wrote:
    Meanwhile, deep in a dark green forest, the centaur reached into his chest. Carefully, he pulled out a ruby. The stone illuminated the forest. The centaur slowly traced the edges. He wept softly.

    LEN_sure win wrote:
    "Why do you appear in my dreams every night? Why Little Angelus say that you are the evil dragons that are destroying The Land of Purity? Why did she say u are evil? You seem kind to me." I spoke with no fear at all. " We have to enter your dream to make you realise that you are The Chosen One.The castle belongs to Rasmusty Night. We have to make sure that you are able to fight that huge black serpent which guards the castle.The black serpent has the capabilty of turning someone pure and kind into someone evil. It exploits the weakness of that person. We have to make sure that you will not be turned into an evil person, that's why we have to make you go through this until you no longer see yourself as an evil person,but the Saviour of The Land of Purity." The dragons spoke with a deep voice. " But why Little Angelus says that you are evil? " "We don't show ourself very often. We protect this land secretly. The fairies and angels of this land has not seen us since a thousand years ago. We appeared once but the one and only fairy who saw us is no longer in this land. He has become a servant to Rasmuty Night and has since forgotten everything. That's why when we showed up at the destroyed area, the fairies and angels thought that it was Rasmusty Night that sent us because no one has seen us before.But we were just looking over the land that was once beautiful and are sad for it."The white dragon's voice was turning softer and softer and it was filled with sadness and agony.

    Maran wrote:
    The centaur called Arthran let the ruby fall back into his chest. He looked at the sky and from far saw the convening of the white dragons and The Chosen One, there was a twinkle in his eyes.

    “The prophecy is being fulfilled.” he whispered to himself.

    “I’m sorry I let you down Porus…I shouldn’t have strayed.”

    The regal centaur turned around and looked at the huge ancient tree that was facing him, the tree from which The Chosen One walked out of miraculously just a moment ago. The elders have foreseen this moment, and it has been written that the Giant Oak was a mystical door which held the key to another universe. It has also been written that when the twin dragons are seen soaring above ruined dreams, The Chosen One will appear to redeem his throne and banish the evil that threatens the innocence of the Land Of Purity.

    Arthran had been waiting there for days, ever since the twin dragons were sighted on the skies far north. He had just walked a few paces away to get a drink from the nearby spring and was on his back when The Chosen One was summoned forth from the Giant Oak.

    If only he had not strayed!

    Arthran grasped the ruby in his chest again, and this time there were crystalline tears from his eyes.

    He walked slowly forward and jumped over a few fallen trees and after evading a few obstacles in the form of huge rocks he arrived at a small path that lead ahead. Arthran looked around cautiously, as if expecting to see something, and then just shook his head.

    And then, he started running. He ran as fast as his strong four legs can take him, and he disappeared into the deep forest. There are things to be taken care of, things that will determine the very fate of all living being in the Land Of Purity. There is not a moment to loose!

    LEN_hidayahhanani wrote:
    And then, he started running. He ran as fast as his strong four legs can take him, and he disappeared into the deep forest. There are things to be taken care of, things that will determine the very fate of all living being in the Land Of Purity. There is not a moment to loose!

    Arthran ran swiftly, heads in the forest turned to look at him. The trees, the squirrel, the wind, the spirits all whispering to each other…

    “Look, it’s Arthran, where is he going?” Asked the squirrel to the tree

    “Haven’t you heard Mr. Squirrel?” The wind asked.

    “About whatssss…??” Whispered the spirits

    “I was passing through the ancient Giant Oak tree just now, The Chosen One is here!” Replied the wind

    Suddenly, the earth is moving, the sky went dark, the wind had to hurry that it is blowing so furiously until the squirrel had to hold on to the tree branches. Arthran stopped running. The ruby glowed and blinked at the same time.

    “Oh no,” said Arthran. Squirrels went to hide inside the tree. The trees went back to stiffness, spirits flew away and the wind, is gone.

    “Porus, help me pease!” Arthran kept rubbing the ruby on his chest.

    “ARTHRAN!” A deep evil voice shouted at the end of the forest and the forest grew darker.


    “R…r...r… RASMUTY NIGHT! Wh…what are you doing here?”


    “A noble centaur will never turn to an evil!!! Especially the one who destroyed this kingdom!!”


    “You are not my king and I will absolutely not help you! Never in a million years!!”

    Arthran started to run again, and this time he went much faster than before. With his hand kept rubbing the ruby. While chanting…


    Suddenly Arthran felt like his feet is locked to the earth. Arthran panicked. He refused to help the Evil one. He will turn to an evil himself. In his heart, Arthran kept chanting for Porus.

    “HOW DARE YOU REFUSE TO HELP ME, ARTHRAN!” Rasmuty Night shouted furiously and with that shout, along came a great lightning that hit Arthran. Arthran tried to run away but failed as the lightning hit him. The ruby fell from his Arthran’s hand. Rasmuty Night saw the ruby and took it with him. With one blink of the eye, Rasmuty Night is vanished from the forest.

    The forest went chaos as Rasmuty Night were vanished from sight…

    LEN_sure win wrote:
    Tears started flowing from Arthran's cheek. Although he's an ugly looking centaur,but he has the heart of a puppy. He has got a kind soul, not like his evil king, Rasmuty Night.Memories started flooding into his mind again...

    Arthran was once a handsome knight. A knight that once protected The Land of Purity. But one day,Rasmuty Night appeared in the beautiful land that Arthran protected. Arthran,went to his castle to drive him away. But, Rasmuty Night, summoned the huge black serpent and exploited Arthran's weekness. Arthran's weekness was power. He wanted to be called the king of The Land of Purity. Rasmuty Night promised to give Arthran power to rule the land if he is able to find The Chosen One and kill
    him. If he cannot killl The Chosen One, then Arthran can never be the king for The Chosen One is the future king. Blinded by his greed for power, Arthran accpeted his offer and now is the black knight defending Rasmuty Night. The whole land was now filled with terror. Everyone was afraid now that Arthran is a monster that is hungry for power.

    As time passes by, Rasmuty Night became impatient. " Where is the head of The Chosen One ? I want it now!"" Master,please be patient. I will kill him soon." "Soon? How soon? You can wait, but i do not have time to wait!Or you don't want the power that i am suppose to give you ?"" NO! I want the power!I will now search for The Chosen One again." Rasmuty Night gave a sinister smile and said to himself. " What a silly boy.I am just using you and take over the land for myself.You are nothing but just a tool! To think that you will be able to rule this land,walk over my dead body first!HAHAHAHAHA!"

    Arthran,who was behind the great big doors that lead to his evil master,overheard everything. He was furious.No one has ever treated him this way before. He was well respected by all the angels and fairies of this land,but because he was blinded by his own greed,everyone shun him. Now even Rasmuty Night is just using him. He cannot control his anger anymore. He barge right into Rasmuty Night's chamber and wield his sword. " Oh, so you overheard everything ? Well, time to eliminate you!Whether story The Chosen One is true or not,i will still rule this land! " A fight between the two broke. As they were fighting and Arthran was seem to be winning, Rasmuty Night suddenly went into a trance. He kept chanting and chanting. But what was he chanting, no one understand. Suddenly, a ball of fire appeared. It headed straight towards Arthran. Arthran tried to block it with his mighty sword,but his sword broke into pieces. Then he was engulfed in the ball of fire. "Let me go you evil man!"
    Rasmuty Night gave him a weak smile and said, " You will never return to your true form now. This spell cannot be undone. It turns people that are greedy to a beast form that suits them. HAHAHAHAHA! You will never be able to face this world anymore! To think that you are the great knight of The Land of Purity,just make me puke! HAHAHAHAHA!"

    That was how Arthran became a centaur. He has no choice but to leave The Land of Purity. But the fairies and angels took pity on him. They were not powerful enough to undo the spell and they know Arthran have no where to go. So they offered him to stay in the Forest of The Ancients to guard The Giant Oak Tree. In the legend, The Chosen One will be summoned through the Giant Oak Tree. Arthran is supposed to guard it and to protect the Chosen One from evil. Arthran was also given a magical ruby known as Ruby of The Ancients. Only the guardian of the forest will be able to use it. What can it one knows...

    LEN_davidchenchuckwye wrote:
    whoa.....this story...although long but i still made an effort to see what is going on....okay now i would like to continue the goes....don't laugh...or smirk....

    "Chosen One, pls help us and the rest of the citizens of this forest gain back our freedom....the serpent lord is terrorizing every huge tree by sending either flying objects or suicide bombers to bring each and everyone of them down! do you see that tallest tree over there?" said one of the white dragons.
    "yeah...that's where i came from, right?"
    "Yes. soon, when all the trees surrounding the Great Oak have been fallen by the serpent lord, the Great Oak will suffer the same fate. Once the Great Oak is down, it takes this whole kingdom with it, the sun, the rainbow, and every single sick rabbit that is having a rave party in their so that was not funny...but seriously, this whole kingdom will be gone....vanished!"
    "so, what does it has do to with me? as long as i can return home and sleep and do my stuff, i don't need to care bout all these hero stuff"
    "u might have not have realised it but the serpent lord has already stolen the ruby from that centaur. Say who gave him the name ‘Arthran’ anyway? without the ruby, the gates leading to your world cannot be opened"
    "that means i can't go back? I'm stuck in here, forever? How long is forever dude?"
    "well, not long...since we're all gonna die here anyway....I MEAN, THE POINT IS, YOU GOTTA STOP THE SERPENT, GOD...or LORD....or WhaTEVER!!!"
    "I need not do that."
    "Oh yes....don't try to run away from the fact that you have no choice but to stop him!"
    "need not and will not"
    "need to!"
    "need not!"
    "need to!"
    "Need not!'
    "Need to!"
    "............Need to!"
    "Need NOT!!!!!"
    "aha! there, you said it yourself...i don't need to do the dirty work for you two wierd reptiles"
    "......(dragons speechless...pondering on own mistake and stupidity)...ok, we lost, but we're not reptiles! we're dragons!"
    "No difference"
    "There is! reptiles are cold blooded and hunted by Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter???)!! we are warm blooded, ergo, vis-a-vis, concordantly, apropos, we can breathe fire!"
    "I don't understand the language you're using...."
    "Look, we are begging you, our land. if you don't, we'll kill each other right here right now!!!!!!"
    "ok ok chill dude....i guess i'll just see what i can do...wait, what am i supposed to do? guide me!"
    Suddenly, I heard an evil laugh coming from behind.
    "MUAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...UKH *GASP* Koff koff (Choking from too much laughter)....ehem...ehem....testing voice, one two three...ok MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHA foolish boy! I've tricked you!!! by now you should have realised that i brought you here for the obvious destroy the ONE!!!!....oh that was Neo from the matrix. He's too powerful to stop i ain't no agent destroy the Chosen One!!!!....hmmm sounds like Lui Kang from mortal kombat...anyway...i am no Angelus or fairy godmother...i'm damien! prince of darkness...."
    "haha...damien? i thought he was from southpark!" cried one of the white dragons.
    "well yeah he was, and it isn't my actual name anyway...i just thought it might make me sound cool... say are you dragons identical twins? hey wait a minute....i'm supposed to destroy you...and you....and the boy too!!!"
    "oh yeah there's three of you...HEY!"
    "HAHAHA this guy totally rocks dude"
    "oh my god....what am i saying, i have no god...but nvm...OH MY GOD...this is the first time anyone has said to me that i rock! I'm so happy!! WOOHOOO!!! I'ma go get my band to three wait here kay? brb! MUAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH *cough* UHUK *cough*"
    and so 'damien' flew off to get his Devillish Crue, rivals to the motley crue...(now you know why they have those wierd looking face paints).
    "a corrupt master will have corrupt slaves" i said.
    "True, true" the two gay (as in happy) dragons replied together...
    "let's do we get into this castle to kick some serious snake butt?"
    "why don't you try knocking?" said one dragon.
    "yeah DUH??!!" said the other one.
    "ok ok..."

    to be continued...

    LEN_davidchenchuckwye wrote:
    Knock Knock!
    "Who's there?"
    "Damien who?"
    realising that damien isn't that devil's real name, i simply cooked up something else...
    "Damien Duff from the football team Birmigham in the EPL"
    "oh cool i love the EPL. whenever the boss is out on weekends, i turn on the TV to watch LIVE MATCHES! and my girlfriend..ARGH she just keeps pestering me to take her out on a romantic dinner... pls come in!"
    And so, another problem solved by the quick thinking of none other than yours trully....
    As the three of us ascend a huge flight of stairs, we bumped into a giant mammoth/boar's bum (hey it rhymes! bump, bum...). both dragons had their tails between their hind legs and shivering upon seeing that large monster...
    "Knock we go again"
    "who's there?"
    "Imago who?"
    "Well, i guess Imago ahead pass you..."
    "ok go ahead....HEY WAIT A MINUTE HALFLING!"
    "WASSSSSSUUUUUUUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" we cried...
    "WASSSSSSSSSSSUUUUUUUPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!" the mammoth replied, with a budweiser in it's right hand and telephone receiver on it's left...
    the humongous mammoth turned around, revealing ashtrays overflowing with cigarettes...there's still some smoke coming out from it's mouth...
    "hey halfling....i smell tobacco on your body....."
    "hey i ain't no pointed ears, hairy, giant footed, stinking, Sam-almost-kissing-Frodo punk from the Lord Of the Rings! but i see you have a taste in tobacco, my friend?"
    "Well, you all look the same....anyway...yeah i do! say kid, u have a bud that i can light? since the boss kept me here i hadn't been having a puff!"
    "And how long was that?"
    "er...5 minutes ago? now do you or don't you?"
    As i searched my pocket, i couldn't believe my luck as i found a pack of cigs...geez if mom ever finds out i sleep with a pack of cigarettes, i'm dead meat!
    "here u go big guy!"
    one of the dragons blew fire to light up the tiny little cigarette. Now the mammoth looks like the Godfather....
    "Thanks halfling...go and do whatever you like, just leave me alone with my paradise shoo, b4 i change my mind...."
    And so, another problem solved (now i really sound like Tyson Tomko from the World Wrestling Entertainment, being a 'problem solver' hehe).
    Finally, we have reached the great hall of the castle....hmmm...i'll leave the 'describe-the-surrounding-area-details' to you guys...too lazy and limited vocab to elaborate....but b4 we go any further, back in the forests, where that overturned centaur is still struggling to it's feet. no prizes for guessing that the monkeys and rabbits nearby helped him get up.

    phew! that was exhilirating! i'll stop for now...hope this lightens up your day...or night...

    LEN_Lesly_ERGO! Wrote:
    For someone who don't read much, you sure write a lot, wonder where all thopse words come from?

    LEN_davidchenchuckwye wrote:
    Arthran: "gee guys (and gals)...thanks for helping me up...considering that i weigh 600 pounds and stink like i've never bathed in 5000 years, ya'll could still lift know...i feel so.... TOUCHED (hehe) *sob* *Sob*"
    Rabbits: We wabbits arrr wewy fwenwy animals....
    Monkeys: monk-keys are strrronnnggg!!!
    Arthran: i've got a job to finish. thank you guys again and wish me all the best! with all my might, i will rid this kingdom of that evil rasmuty pwerdsdttwhda....whatever his name is...EVEN IF I HAVE TO GIVE MY LIFE, I WILL GIVE HIM HELL BEFORE I DO! (Thank you matrix:revolutions)
    Monkeys and Wabbits: hurray...hurray....

    And with that, the 'great' Arthran galloped his way gallantly, with his head held up high, chest out stomach in, towards the...."CRASH"!!! "THUD!!!!"

    Monkeys and Wabbits: ooooo..ouch!!!..that must hurt!!!

    yes, you guessed it...Arthran tripped over a broken tree branch.

    Arthran:'s nothing! I'm ok! i can still fight!!!!

    And with that, the 'great' Arthran galloped his way gallantly, with his head still held up high, still with chest out stomach in, towards the dark castle...

    Monkeys and wabbits: gee, are we gonna depend on HIM to ensure our survival??!!


    "Honey....did you hear that sound downstairs?"
    "no dear let's get back to where we left off"
    "but honey, i think i heard son's voice"
    "He must be sleepwalking again don't hurry up and get started will ya??"

    ???? what was that??? keep reading...

    "WHOA DUDE!!! THIS PLACE IS HUGE!" exclaimed one of the dragons.
    "yeah dude....i've never been in a room this big" said the other one.
    "i think it's the castle's main hall..." i suggested.
    "Look, see? it says here...'Hall of Kings'...i think we should explore around here a bit...although a little bit of light would help.."


    suddenly, a strong gush of wind swirled around us and all the candles around us lit up.

    a voice could be heard saying, "trespassers! identify yourself!"
    " rasmuty pwerdsdttwhda ordered pizza..."
    "and where is the pizza?
    "it's just outside, let me go get it"
    "hey wait a minute dude, where do you think you're going? you can't just leave us here!" said dragon no. 1
    "or do you have a backup plan?" said dragon no. 2
    "yes and no....see ya!"


    "Holy mother! who tried to shoot me??!!"
    "didn't you read the sign? it says "CAUTION! Trespassers will be shot (sounds familiar guys?) and demons hate pizzas!" growled the mysterious sniper.
    "Oh says here, just beneath the 'Hall of Kings' words....damn those candles!"
    "Prepare to die, trespassers!"
    "dragons 1 & 2! do something!!!"
    "What can we do? we can't even see where he is sniping us from!"


    "Whoa dude! Take cover!! Take cover!!"


    "Honey...not so fast please!!!"
    "What fast??!! I'm only going at 2X speed!"
    "I don't wanna miss any part!!"
    "Don't'll enjoy every moment...hehehehe"
    "but then i'll scream and wake the boy up!"
    "go ahead and scream....the boy sleeps like the dead....he won't hear you!"
    "but the neighbours will..."
    "Let them...let them know how you scream!!!"

    LEN_davidchenchuckwye wrote:
    Back at the Hall of Kings, where our hero and two lizards are taking cover behind some pillars...


    "damn he ain't stopping...what should we do now dude?" said one of the dragons.
    "I dunno...let's ask the writer...hey david! what should we do leh?"

    David: er...actually i also blank blank aledi, no ah?

    "why don't you just kill that sniper and let us have our way?"

    David: Not so easy dudes...

    "ok ok let's make a deal...if you can answer my question correctly, we won't bug you anymore but if you answer wrongly, you have to do us a favour and help us get through this stage!"

    David: ok shoot....nothing that i can't answer hehehehe...after all, I'M THE ONE writing this thing...

    "here goes....can you name me an object, that is loved by both genders. male and female. it's normally hanging when not in use, has a long, hard shaft and also hair at one end. the way of using it is by pushing and pulling it in and out of a pink, fleshy opening. it also produces some sort of white substance. after using, it goes back to it's normal hanging position. now can u tell what it is?"

    David:.....hey dude....this story is supposed to be clean you know...there are students and lecturers reading this post you know...

    "just answer me if you think you're smart"

    David: ok, if you insist...forgive me, miss zaiha, miss ng, lecturers and fellow students.....the answer is....a guy's *****

    "You are absolutely..........WRONG!!!! Sorry gave me the wrong answer...."


    "the answer is a toothbrush my dear boy....what were you guys thinking??!! geez....MMU students konon....anyway, you must keep to your words..."

    David: (Speechless and dazed)......ak.....ak.....sigh...ok, you win, you're's a damn you go....3 grenades, 3 flashbangs, 3 MAGNUM sniper rifles and 3 bulletproof use what you have learned playing Counterstrike in cyber cafes during schooling hours to beat this guy. tip: he's right in front of you guys....but you can’t see him…

    "hey i thought you were gonna make him disappear?!!"
    David: wah like that i might as well say, ok rasmutyijdfijsd is dead and happy ending lah! haiyo...little bit of difficulty also complain....not shiok lah!! i gtg now...must sleep....tomolo got English writing test....good luck!"

    "Hey wait!! David!! DAVID!!! cis....go so that i've got these cool weapons...this shouldn't be a problem..."


    "AHHH!! AHH!!!!"
    "it's almost the climax!! Stop screaming already!"
    "Climax only must scream what!!"
    "Here! It's coming!!! It's coming!!!"

    ......u guys must be thinking something really juicy right now huh?...please read on....

    "allright you two...listen...we're going to do this the CS way"
    "it's a computer game from my's really nice you know...anyway, listen, you two rush in with guns blazing and take him down while i stay here and wait..."
    "ok ok sorry....see that two pillars to the left and right? each of you take one pillar for cover on the count of three. then, i'll shout 'cover me' and the both of you start shooting at his direction to distract his attention while i snipe him from it? any questions?"
    "No sir!"
    ........dragons still motionless...terrified...
    "y-yes sir!"


    the two dragons flew to the flanks avoiding the bullets. gee this sniper must really suck in CS... next is the most crucial moment...
    "ok, i'm ready here goes....COVER M-......."


    "HOLY MANURE!!!he read my plan perfectly!!! PLAN B!!!"
    "BOSS, WHAT'S PLAN B??!!"

    two objects landed right in front of jaw was like hanging open for a few seconds...then my whole vision turned completely least it was only flashbangs and not hand was a good 10 seconds b4 i regain my sight....i still have one flashbang with me though....

    "Look behind you dudes!" and with that i threw the last remaining flashbang and heard gunshots firing everywhere. the mysterious sniper must be blinded.
    Three hand grenades flew towards the location where the gunshots came from and the result, well, from the burst of fire, we saw a chameleon....only that it has an almost perfect camouflage! Some sort of mechanical that could bend light around it’s body! it's beginning to malfunction now, as we can see electrical sparks surrounding the body shape of what appears to be a near 7 foot tall creature....the creature's real image starts to looks like...suddenly, three dots forming a triangle focused on one of the dragons. (by now you guys should know what this creature is hehehe)

    "DUCK, no. 1!!!"
    as soon as dragon no.1 ducked, a blast of plasma wave zoomed over his head and exploded on the wall behind him. without hesitating anymore, i looked into my scope and fired a thundering shot straight through the yautja's heart. (for fans of this creature, u should very well know it's other name is the yautja. and yeah i'm sorry for having to kill it, cos i'm a big fan too!!!). The creature gives out a mighty roar and collapse into a pool of it's own green blood. a few seconds later....another similiar but different roar could be heard from within the great castle chambers. As i tried to imagine what other demon could possibly be making so much noise, i also realised that this is just the beginning of a very long night, ladies and gentlemen...maybe nights...

    to be continued....

    "That was a nice show, huh honey?"
    "yeah, especially the part where the girl watches the video tape, a ghost climbs out from the well and says she's gonna die in seven days!!! that was so scary i screamed my head off!!!"
    "sorry i had to fast forward the DVD at 2X speed....i just felt that the conversation in that part was boring..."
    "nvm dear....i sure enjoyed every moment of it...but i hope we didn't wake the neighbours up."
    "SHUT UP WILL YA!!!! IT'S THREE IN THE MORNING!!!" our neighbour's voice could be heard...
    "SORRY!!!!!! now let's go back to sleep...tomorrow i have to fetch son to school for his test...goodnight dear. muaksss"

    now you know.....

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