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David Chen Chuck Wye is the name
04.05.1986 is the date
Male is the gender
OUG, Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur is the home
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Multimedia University, Cyberjaya is the place
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Green is the colour
Football is the life
Acting, directing is the essence
Photography is a side dish
Gaming is a must
Cars are my dreams is DA MAIL!

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    Monday, December 20, 2004

    suan le...suan le...

    i'm crushed....destroyed, broken, humiliated, embarrased, (insert adjective here)...heavens why me? i thought everything was going well...then reality sinks in. what am i still doing here? why the hell do i still feel this way? now i realise i'm being so silly...hoping for nuts. hoping for something that will never come...i could let go but i didn't want to. why so stubborn? and stupid? and silly? can i do anything to turn things around? of course not...people choose what they want and what they like....even i do myself.. just that some people get what they want and some don't. can i forget? and can i put on a brave face and look you straight in the eyes again? or will i just fade away with my head low staring at the ground? i dun need help...why should i need help? i'll just pick myself up again...i've been through this b4...just that it's not so bad the last time..this time i am for can take anything away from me but please not my heart. happy... just hope for the time to come, everybody will be'll be hard, but that's the best that i hope see a smile on a face is always better than having to face someone's back forever....

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