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    Saturday, January 01, 2005

    new year, new hope?

    these past weeks had been bizzare...first and foremost is Christmas!! i really wanted to go home and have dinner with my sister come back some more...but what to do, i had practise on the eve. so can only go back on christmas day...watched kung fu hustle on that day also...damn funny...stephen chow fan for life! then i got theatre to worry bout on tuesday the 28th. and sudents from the whole world are watching us perform...did it the best i least some people laughed at my antics...i got the inspiration from Leonardo, the main character in 'Not Just A Pretty Face', acted by roger kwok, the same guy in square pegs as Ah Wong...miss the times he says 'Lou Poh Jai'!! I tell u, i enjoyed it so much i plan to use that same character and maybe improvise on it in my next play, if there is a next play, that is... Charel should know...she saw my play. b4 the play went to buy a surprise present for my dear fren... since DVDs are such a pain in the ass i thought better buy VCD lah...the night after that gave it to her, but that time she was damn tired until like half dead already haha not much response...a delayed christmas present also didn't help revitalise her energy for the late night practise...went home the next day. then it's futsal training everyday again! part fun part suffering. the tourney is on the 9th Jan. which means it's next week lah!! haiyo...die lah die lah..i told one of my best frens, if my team ever wins the tourney, i will eat the ball and goal post in front of him (haha!) like the shaolin soccer part where the commentator had to eat the mic and table...bodoh gile... anyway i just really hope to win the first competitive tourney ever. the tsunami disaster really had an effect on me...though i don't show it, i'm hurting inside...i feel sympathy for those who lost their lives and loved ones. just imagine if it happened to us who are still happy and healthy right now...sigh... and because of that i began to look to God again for some answers...WHY WHY WHY must these innocent people suffer? there must be a reason. whatever the reason, i'm sure He has plans for us, for example, the world has united as one in helping to raise funds and shelter for victims. for once the world is peaceful and together in prayers. God sure has unusual ways to change us...and for the first time in my life, i actually started to believe in christ. i had a few christian friends who explained a lot on the way God helps us, how much he loves us. you know who you are. i still need to do more research and consult more people b4 embracing christianity. there's still a lot of unanswered questions in my mind. though i know not all of them can be answered, i hope it is enough for me to be a believer myself. A cross...yes i bought one for myself. it's a necklace really. the pendant, a small cross inside a bigger cross.. looks nice. i also had a nice chat/discussion with Lesly Leon Lee on various religions. he's a christian himself. we discussed so much on christianity, islam, buddhism and other religions. really interesting to hear his views. i'm not saying that i'm being influenced by friends to join christianity. it's from my heart. and as the new year blossoms, i think it should be time for me to turn over a new leaf. start believing more in God. didn't do much on new year's eve... just hang around with some frens at home playing Need For Speed Underground's like a until the morning guy got so drunk and started talking so much bull crap...made us all laugh...really missed my dear friend though...but all i could do was just call and wish happy new year. wish i could be there to celebrate with ya. but thanks for the wonderful lunch though. really great! your mom's cooking is still the best!!! argh when can i taste those pork again!!! ARGH (mouth watering aledi...tummy grumbling)!!! well, next week's cyber christmas night! wow can't wait to see the performances...and after that join in some chat with those CF people...i've got lots of questions for them... hope someone can teman me yah? if not i scared i will get shy lah haha! the MMU worlds debate was fantastic... hope to see the final...but dunno where and when :P who wanna join me??!! come come let's go watch!!!!!!! till then, take care always and see you in the New Year!

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