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    Thursday, January 20, 2005

    Same old me...

    Why have some of you are seeing me as a different person? no matter what i believe in, i'm still me, i'm still David and Chuck Wye (for those of you who address me with either these two names). so why the fuss? sigh...
    moving on, today a lot of my coursemates got their MUET result slips. So far i have yet to see anyone score a band 6. i heard juliana got band 5.8! wow congrats... and congrats for those who got good marks too! For those who feel unsatisfied with their results, i will still congratulate you for your effort and hope that you will do better if you're planning to retake it and i encourage you guys/gals to do so. i myself haven't taken MUET yet. so maybe we can take the test together in the future yeah? succeeding together is even better than individual success.
    Looking forward to a short break this weekend...this past week had been hectic with assignment datelines. Next monday still got class, tuesday no class, then thursday is MATHS QUIZ! argh...must study aledi...although only one chapter...and no, i'm not a maths genius, i'm just like any of you guys, have to work for it. so if you work together with me we, would taste success together, god willing. man, i'm really obsessed with group successes eh? maybe becoz i grew up in that environment. when i was in that boarding school for the last 6 years, we emphasized on our batch's success. the strong will help the weak. PMR results we became the third best school in Malaysia. the next year's batch became the best school in the country. and also the countless theatre productions and rugby and football games that i've been involved in...all of them are successes for a bunch of people. so let's share and we shall all benefit. for those of you who are 'kedekut ilmu', i pray for you to change your ways. not becoz for my own benefit but for everyone's good. i wanna see every face of our current batch in the coming years still.
    so i guess this rounds up this week's academic progress. there's still football practice this weekend. another tourney is coming up right after CNY. Oh yeah b4 i forget, tomorrow is one of my best childhood friend, Woo Liang Chuen's birthday. i would like to wish him Happy 19th birthday and pray that all his wishes come true (the good ones, of course haha!). damn i'm always a few months younger than you cis! i remember last time i said to my elder cousins and uncles, "you just wait, i will chase up to your age". foolish kid i was...hahahaha.
    alright, take care peeps, remember, i'm still me, unchanged a single bit. just that i have awaken from a long long sleep. see ya around!

    take care, god bless ya

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