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    Sunday, February 06, 2005

    Blog Update #3

    Phew! at long last! i have finished and completed the layout change! it took me two freakin' nights to figure out which part has errors and to correct them. kinda like debugging. man i can really get addicted when it comes to HTML editing java scripting. just too anxious to see the results of my hard work! just imagine lah, two whole nights i didn't sleep from friday night until yesterday night, just to perfect my blog. and the satisfaction, UMPH! By now all of you should have noticed a heavy hint of pro-Firefox and anti-IE atmosphere around here. hehehe... you're damn right. i designed this entire blog based solely on firefox, no compensation for IE whatsoever. i dun care if my blog looks like a devastated warzone when viewed with IE, or if the links dun work, or if my shoutbox dissapears, coz it looks just sweet and everything's working intact with Firefox. Bravo Ff SFX Team! Some of u might even think, "wow! over 500 visitors already??!!". well to be honest, a large number of them were myself. the explanation? no, not to beat lesly in gaining more visitors... he beats me flat... it's becoz i was doing so much testing and previewing the blog during the last two nights. From 200 over to 500 over visitors in two days. gila siao man.... Back to the updates. you might notice some missing stuff. but first, i wanna stress that the Shoutbox IS THERE IN THE CHAT SECTION. of course, if you're using IE, u won't be able to click on that 'chat' link and thus unable to access my shoutbox. so go download firefox now. i've dumped the calendar as it was not working anymore. the matrix box also gone. as for the clock and date, i used a different script. this one displays the time for major countries in the world too. cun. dunno what for lah but hey, still cun. haha. the date below also change aledi, if it falls on a holiday, it will display the name of the public holiday next to the date (ie. New Year's Day). CNY and valentine's day coming so can check and see whether it works or not. I think now everyone can play and listen to music aledi. coz now i found a new web hosting site which allows more (A LOT) transfer bandwidth, though not unlimited. so if you can't see the music player, try pressing Ctrl-F5 to completely refresh this page and try see whether got or not. if still dun have then maybe i have reached the bandwidth limit becoz of all the testing. "Just for Laughs" section is still there, but the Google Search bar looks really out of place. i might consider throwing it away as well. Overall i wouldn't rate my blog as being appeasing or very nice. just ok. wei heng says it's not user friendly. give me your thoughts, k? remember to read the long text (disclaimer) at the bottom of the page! Till next time, chalos!

    take care, god bless ya

    blogged at 6:07 AM


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