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    Wednesday, February 09, 2005


    It has arrived! The festival that i've been looking forward to every year! b4 that is of course the traditional reunion dinner. aunty uncles all come. makan makan big time. got suckling pig, abalone & mushrooms, yee sang, peking duck, curry chicken, tiger prawns, lettuce as vegetables, and ngai kua soup woohooo!!! played fireworks with frens at 11 till 1 in the morning. then go yamcha at stevens corner. man so many people playing fireworks. now it's 3 in the morning and i still can hear fireworks blasting towards the night sky. it's like a warzone man. then got one police car come near my neighbour's house who was playing those illegal fire crackers. the auntie say, "ah mali mali kita kasi ang pau" (come come we give ang pau) then the policemen took it and drove off... sheesh... my frens and i bought rockets. BIG ones. damn cun. then also got those that shoot coloured balls. dragon eggs also got. total about RM190. aim at each other hahaha! chuen kena the most...his shirt all got black circles aledi. then we throw some small ones into bottles and see them crack those bottles. every year also like this wan. tradition aledi. damn nice lah. *wish you were here...* can't wait to start collecting ang paus tomolo! GONG HEI FATT CHOI!!!

    take care, god bless ya

    blogged at 3:02 AM


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