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    Thursday, February 03, 2005

    What a week!

    This week has been hands down the busiest and most hectic week ever in my life. never have i been so busy to the extent that i stayed up awake ALL NIGHT for FOUR CONSECUTIVE days! first up is always DF. a three week assignment crammed up into 3 days! see lah, procastinate some until my eyes also got black rings aledi. pimples all coming out also....too tensed up classmates also suffered with me hahhaha. namely lesly, wei heng, ivan, calvin, dand dennis. all stayed up and skipping classes whole week man. handing up time was on wed 9am. i finished at 8.30am...fuh...gile ah. handing up the assignment was like utopia. you can just feel the weight being lifted off your shoulders. well, almost all of the weight, coz still got CG to finish up!!! ARGH!! for all my hard work, the lecturer just blasted my work saying it was crap...well that was not what she said lah but same meaning lah haha. dun care lah as long as i pass up my work *COMPLETE*. as for CG, me and my group members, lesly, wei heng and sadra thought we could finish it the same day but alas, that was not to be. i 'accidentally' fell asleep half an hour b4 CG tutorial where we were supposed to hand in out assignment...too tired wei cannot tahan and becoz lesly's sleeping also influenced me to join him in dreamland. so i missed the class and we had to pass up the next day which is today lah. again, we thought we could finish latest by 4 but it wasn't meant to be again! printing and binding the magazine took approx. 1 hour 30 minutes, by the time we started printing it was like 5.30pm aledi. slipped the magazine and CD under Mr. Kamarulzaman's (our CG tutor) door at 7.30 pm. oh least we submitted a 14 page magazine when only 4 pages is required (which most other groups did)...coz we really wanted to make this a good piece of work and hopefully get extra marks hahaha but most importantly to satisfy ourselves. always give 110% (kiasu mah haha!). and it's not easy designing the magazine using the world's worst ever software known as Adobe Pagemaker 6.5. it sucked so bad that we swore never to use it again man. we kept cursing the program and finding it's faults. lesly was so frustrated, even saying that when the programmers created this software, they thought, "hey, since we already have so many good programs such as photoshop and etc, why dun we play a fool and make this pagemaker a total crap software??!!" LOL. seriously wei, i think even the crappy microsoft publisher is better. Adobe Indesign should be used instead of Pagemaker. i mean, why would someone program a software that doesn't let u Undo most actions? rubbish. and just selecting a simple line took lesly 5 minutes... dun ask why... just know that pagemaker sucks big time. my printer also went out of ink aledi... our Support Firefox, Ditch IE Campaign continues. we went as far as to promote firefox in our magazine assignment and humiliate IE. muahahahahhaha. oh yeah today we also saw a gal with a very pointy ass wearing a short skirt....hmmmm go figure it out yourselves...she's like tonggeng tonggeng while walking...dennis was the first to notice hahaha coz we were walking directly behind that girl. gee...i wonder how many more surprises are in store for us this week. anyway, chinese new year is coming! wohoooo!! this saturday is my dear fren, Charel's birthday so i would like to take this oppurtunity to wish her happy becomming birthday in case i forget. i WILL get you a present dun worry...but not a book! haha! Happy holidays to all my frens, see you again after the break! more assignments and studies to do, yeah??!! GAMBATEH!!!

    take care, god bless ya

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