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    Thursday, June 23, 2005

    My love, my bb...

    this is dedicated to u, bb...

    it seemed so wierd but miraculous somehow. a year ago, we were not even talking to each other... not even looking at each other... i didn't know bout ur past. i didn't understand why u were acting like the way u did. i simply couldn't accept the fact that u were so cold towards me. and so i was cold towards u. but just like a new day comes, light shines and warms the earth.. no longer cold... felt the warmth.. a friend, i found a new friend in u. i wasn't sure what made me change my thoughts about u. i guess ur efforts in saying hi and bye to me brought my ego down.. they were replied with hi's and bye's of my own.. two simple and common words, but they grew in numbers quickly. u were surprised.. i was even more so. then it started with pork ribs. i love them, u love them too, i guess. yellow snow cap with a matching yellow shirt, and a skinny indian bearded guy in sight. herbal eggs... our fav! u fell sick. i was worried. concerned. couldn't help.. u didn't need my help. u had him....

    we survived the foundation year. time flies. u mentioned ur grades fell each sem, while mine went the opposite way. but i'm still proud of ur results. they were always better than mine. perhaps i am not good enough... not smart enough... not talented enough... i admired ur skills, ur talents, ur personality... i was trying to keep up. and i'm still chasing...

    holidays... no one was online. 'cept u. we kept each other company. telling each other things that we won't normally tell. not need to mention a year ago. u told me to stop tellin u more about myself (for a reason that should be kept secret between us only)... but i never did stop... u never did too...

    video games are nice. MMORPGs are even better. Y!PP was always the first program that i double click on my desktop. found out bout the game in ur blog. wanted to see u online... going for pillages and swordfights.. Grog really rulez.. even learned new pirate vocabs like scupper u! and billions of blistering blue barnacles! spent hours and days with u.. as if that's not enough, we had to top it all off with YM and MSN huh? haha. we were both blind. for one whole year. ok, i was stupid too...

    too fast? no, it was just perfect timing. we couldn't have been together any sooner
    or later. my heart beats faster everytime u r near. i kept thinking of u, dreaming of u... wanted to hold u, to take care of u. wanted u to hold me, to pamper me with ur love. i really suffered a lot... i think u were suffering too.. restraining ourselves. being patient. being realistic. u told ur friend. i told my friend. they both gave the same advice....still we suffered...

    i got drunk. kena dui lam kao kao... but i guess it was some sort of a blessing in disguise too haha.. if not i might have not blurted out those words... but what i said was true... when u're drunk most things u say are straight from the mind, from the heart. clean and clear, no lies. but at the same time, u might not remember what u said as well. not that i couldn't guess what i said. u couldn't stop laughing. i couldn't stop wondering. when i finally did guess what i said correctly, everything was like magic. everything happened like they were supposed to be. it was beautiful. not fast. beautiful.

    and now i have u. u have me. i miss u so much that everytime we say goodbye, i want to just pull u back to my side... i'm so crazily in love with u, u've become my addiction. i love u bb... and i always will...

    *with many hugz and kisses*

    take care, god bless ya

    blogged at 3:07 AM


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